UPDATE! 100% Funded – Paying It Forward: Support Evelyn Namara’s Indiegogo Campaign

Namara 1I met Evelyn Namara in 2011 when we connected in Uganda during the time I was consulting with Solar Sister. At that time, Evelyn was the Country Director of Solar Sister. We clicked instantly. As one of few women leading in Uganda’s rapidly evolving tech sector, Evelyn is a force to be reckoned with. She is talented, brilliant, witty, confident, and constantly seeking ways to develop – personally and professionally.

I’m honored to be in a position to contribute to Evelyn’s Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign. While my contribution helped push Evelyn past the halfway mark of her $2,500 USD fundraising goal, I’m even more honored to help signal boost the campaign to support Evelyn’s latest professional development opportunity: a 6-month IDEX fellowship that will pair her with a social enterprise in India.

UPDATE: Evelyn’s campaign is now 100% funded. See below for Evelyn’s message to crowd-funding campaign supporters:





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