25×25 Crowd-funding Campaign: StartingBloc Fellowship

sblogoMatovu Consulting CEO, Divinity Matovu, is on a mission to raise $25 from 25 supporters as part of the 25×25 crowd-funding campaign. All funds raised from this campaign will support Divinity’s admission to StartingBloc’s Los Angeles Institute which kicks off February 19, 2015. Starting Bloc’s week-long, intensive Institute is a tuition-based program that requires an investment from participants. Thanks to a scholarship that will fund half of Divinity’s $1,250.00 tuition, she only needs to raise $625.00 by 1/15/2015. With your support, Divinity will be able to join her cohort in February. To support with your $25 donation, click here!

As a StartingBloc Fellow, Divinity will be equipped to pitch and perfect her ideas for her next venture, MBAMama.com, a dynamic video blog aimed at encouraging high-potential mothers to pursue business school and maximize their career potential.


At the LA ’15 StartingBloc Institute, Divinity will participate in a series of workshops and activities designed to inspire, instruct, and stretch her limits. She will learn directly from high impact entrepreneurs and change leaders, work with proven frameworks for delivering change, and build relationships with new life-long allies. Divinity will be able to explore partnership, learn about funding resources, and expand my network with business leaders, social entrepreneurs, and community activists from diverse backgrounds who have similar goals and aspirations.

Click here to support Divinity’s 25×25 campaign! If you are not in a position to contribute at this time, consider sharing this campaign with your networks on social media.


4 thoughts on “25×25 Crowd-funding Campaign: StartingBloc Fellowship

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